Sunday, July 15, 2007


Why would anybody want, even choose, to be disabled in order to feel whole and secure? In this fascinating and challenging report from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, producer Kath Duncan, who herself was born without one arm and one leg, tries to understand why some people actually aspire to be like her. These "wannabes" are physically complete and able, but wish they weren't and will go to great lengths, even amputation, to achieve the body image they hold of themselves. Duncan brings us a moving portrait of her journey into a strange subculture. This program is part of our international documentary exchange series, Crossing Boundaries.

Listen to the report here.

In a completely unrelated story, we went hiking the other day and I thought this blog could use some more photos.


sanityrules said...

I have read about these people - it sounds like a real mental illness. How sad.

kimchisuji said...

the leaves in that last photo are incredible